Not aired on T.V, it will explain why we were SO happy at the end!
WE GOT BETTER THAN A DEAL!!!!!Wow… it’s finally over!
All the prep work to get there!
It was so hard to try not to tell others about our experience, and what the Dragons shared with us, both compliments and constructive criticism.
Out of 4,000 auditions across Canada, it was narrowed down to being 1 out of 250 to be selected to tape in Toronto. Then they chose those that will not get airtime, just Web time, 2 minute pitch, and the ultimate desired time of a full 7 minute segment (picking only about 100 pitches) on the 2nd HIGHEST RATING watched show across Canada with over 2 million views!
If that isn’t accomplishment enough, I don’t know what is!
Face it people, it’s FUDGE. We went in there with our heads held high, proud of our product, and our town that has supported us throughout this journey.
We did not go there feeling that our FUDGE was a big investment, we know that for business people like the Dragon’s we are considered small fry in the ocean. BUT, we know we are the BEST FUDGE out there!
To be able to spend time with The Dragons for 1 hour and get their views on our product was worth the journey alone!
Now to BEHIND the scenes!
Remember, they EDIT our 1-hour meeting with them down to 7 minutes, so they cut and paste to what makes a T.V worthy pitch, it is T.V.
If you have watched our pitch, your probably wondering why we left like kids in a candy store. Well now you will know why!
All the dragons loved the fudge. Joe really loved the Chocolate Coconut, Manjit loved the Rum and Coke, Michelle liked the Lemon Star Burst, Both Jim and Joe went NUTS over the Tiger, Michael devoured the Cinnamon and pretty much all the fudge on his tray, and Arlene thought the fudge was sweet.
Hello… it’s FUDGE, but Arlene did get reamed out by Manjit and the rest of the Dragons and they all said it’s not as sweet as other fudge out there.
The clip on our packaging was a LITTLE different from what was aired. Manjit did bring up how we package our fudge, because it is so different out there. It’s funny to see facial expressions used in clips (copy and paste is the best!)
I did say to Manjit that if she can think of a better packaging, please let me know. I love constructive criticism that makes a business only get better!
But, the rest of the Dragons loved the packaging and how we serve it with spoons (can never please everyone)
Both Michael and Joe said the we under evaluated ourselves, and that I am realistic in all my numbers. (Whew, I didn’t get the wrath of high numbers!)
Notice I haven’t mentioned JIM yet????
OK, now for the best part!
Jim was quiet the ENTIRE time! He only asked us one question, which was aired on T.V. He was the last to say if he was out or not, like shown on air.
BUT… this is how it went!
Jim stated that he was “Racking my brain, trying to think how I can help you out” (exact words)
Now the reason why the next part was not aired is because he mentioned a company name twice while he was talking to us. And he even said to us that what he said won’t get aired because of that. Dragons cannot outright say company names on air.
He said he knows the OWNER of a Canadian Airline Company, and Jim could DEFINITELY see our FUDGE used for either First Class Packs or on the menu on the planes!
WOW!!!! Our fudge going from land (Stores) …to sea ( HMCS Ottawa) to now Air (T.B.A)!
We received Jim’s assistants contact info, and it has all been coming into place!
We made contact with the help from 2 sources. (First, Jim and Thank you “B” you know who you are xo).
The Executive Vice President of the Airline stated our fudge would be a “good fit”.
We got help from an amazing writer (Dave xo) to help us write up a Proposal.
When it was done, we forwarded it to a couple channels to proofread, and then it was ready to send to the big people in Head Office.
It was sent, and we received feedback already! Quote “ I definitely see an OPPORTUNITY here for your product”
Now it is going through a panel for further discussion and then hopefully a meeting!
These things take time, but its worth all the waiting!
We will announce any further details as they come up. 

Since the airing, we have been approached by 2 chain stores! One on the mainland in Vancouver and Alberta! So we are SLOWLY spreading our fudge across Canada! We are happy with the results… we GOT A DEAL!
We get to keep 100% of our company, AND got a contact for an Airline that could make this company fly! (Pun DEFINITELY intended!)
We will not stop here, it is just the beginning!NOW THANK YOU’S
Lady Gaga may have her “Little Monsters”, but Fudge In A Round has our “Little Fudge Followers!”
And there’s know one sweeter! (Pun REALLY intended!)
WOW…. Way too many to Thank!
Thank you to ALL our family and friends (you know who you are)
Thank you to the town of Sooke for ALL the support!
Thank you to the rest of the lower Island for ALL the support!
Thank you our Mainland friends for ALL the supportThank you Sooke Legion Branch #54!
Thank you to ALL the stores that are caring our fudge!
Thank you Dragons, CBC studios, ALL the Executive Producers, Senior Executives…behind the scenes people (your fudge is on the way!)
If we forgot anyone, we are sorry, THANK YOU sincerely!
Now we have to go Fudge In A Round!
Kelly and Paul DeRocco
Feeling the love