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 Beth Anthony I love that most of your fudge is gluten free and yummy   

Marcia Jones I admit I was never in love with fudge, it just never tasted right, some fudge was dry, some too sweet, the flavors were all the same no matter where you went. I was hesitant trying out one of the first trial runs of Fudge in a round. I have LOVED it ever since!! I started with just chocolate and maple walnut. Then moved on to chocolate mint as my favorite....the orange creamscile....then Turtles....now I am in love with their sunset Blvd!!! My folks LOVE the black licorice fudge...tastes like the real deal. The fudge is so smooth, the flavors are amazing it is hard to believe I never use to like fudge. One downfall is it is hard for me to get any unless I visit or go to an event they are at. Love to see fudge in a round in more stores. Keep the awesome flavors coming...but most of all keep putting the love in the fudge! 

Tierra Evans Tried my first last night....Red velvet Oreo. So smooth and creamy and not too sweet...I was so sad when I finished my container. Can't wait to try additional flavours!

 Pepper Cathame oh my where do I begin. Your fudge has gotten me thru many events when my energy level dragged however the fudge is not overly sweet in my opinion. Love the maple walnut especially with the nut, oh and the Orange Creamsicle is to die for and I am so jonesing to try the Lemon. I also like it can be stored in the freezer so you can stash some for those midnight craving. What there's peanut butter how did I miss that.

Dave Griffin Fudge in A Round is great tried chocolate,butterscotch,rasperry,creamscyle,and chocolate mint

Pirjo Anneli Raits It is the perfect way to eat fudge....with a tiny little spoon so you can savour every morsel of Fudge in the Round fudge. Big taste on a small spoon!

Marie Childs Well I've tried Maple walnut really good and the Chocolate really good. Nice creamy not to sweet 🤗

Susan Hodgson Bennett I love fudge in a round. So fun to eat with the little spoon. Maple walnut is my favorite

Tara Anson-Kenmare My family loves every type of fudge that they have tried in the last year! From the cute "Minions" fudge to the oh so yummy lemon sherbet, we are never disappointed!

Betsy Gutnik all flavors are great cause they are made with LOVE and excellent ingredients!!! 

 Melissa Bigmore We first bought the maple walnut fudge while on a weekend getaway in Sooke at a farmers market and fell in love! Then last Christmas we were in Sooke again at a Christmas market and we're thrilled to find Fudge In A Round there! We had 5 kids in tow so they each got to pick a flavour as a treat. Not only did they love their own pick but had fun trying the other kids' picks. Now it's a staple, when in Sooke, seek out the fudge!!!

Gillian Edwards Every time I am somewhere where Fudge In A Round is, I have to buy at least one, usually two! Soooo good! Favourite? Depends on my mood. Coffee. Orange. And others!

Chrissy Burt Thanks DeRoccos for rocking this delectable sweet treat! The Cherry Cheesecake is my fav but the Maple Walnut, Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Orange are great too. Only 20 more flavours to try! Mmmmmm!! 

Jodi Williams Love, love the skorrr and peanut butter...yum, yum!