About Us

Why we are Gourmet Fudge

 It's not just our unique shape that defines us. And you don't cut our fudge with a knife, but eat it with a spoon!  We have made over 60 fudge flavors in total! Our awesome mound of profound homemade fudge flavors are very unique, and is the best creamy fudge that you will have!   And all our fudge is Gluten free!

Where have we Fudged In A Round?

 We were one of a select handful of Canadians that were invited to a Pre-Emmy and Pre-Oscar Swag Bag Venues in Hollywood, California.

We aimed for the moon, but shot to the stars!!!


We faced the fire and met The Dragons! Season 12 Episode 6 on November 2, 2017

Our Fudge is a must try!

 Once you go round, you'll never go square. It's not hip to be square anymore!

We cut the corners to save you money, that's why we are Fudge In A Round!

Our unique gourmet homemade fudge is definitely a must try!

**We are going Nut-Free, except for coconut!