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The new home of Fudge in a Round

The new home of Fudge in a Round



 our famous homemade soft fudge is gluten free and peanut free, but the                             nut-free peanut butter does contain soy. all our fudge contains dairy products 

Our Famous soft fudge you eat with a spoon



Our newest homemade soft fudge flavor is worthy of being a box office hit. Divinely  sinful as the combination of buttered popcorn hits your taste buds, then the chocolate delights your pallet with a performance of an Oscar.

Here is the list of the Flavors we currently have;

Black Licorice

Butter Popcorn Caramel

Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate Peanut-Butter - NUT FREE (contains soy)

Cafe Mocha


Cotton Candy




Orange Creamsicle



Homemade soft fudge


It's not just our unique shape that identifies us, but our 60 delectable and mouth-watering homemade soft fudge flavors made from the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The 60 flavors are rotated throughout the year with an average of 15 - 20 flavors at any time. So please check out the fudge flavors that we currently have here

Our goal is to make your taste buds happy!  

Contact us for all your functions, weddings, business meetings, conferences and family reunions for great pricing and delicious fudge that will make your event a real sweet memory for your event.

Email: Fudgeinaround@gmail.com

Phone: (250) 88-FUDGE 


fudge in a round


We have  many guests enjoying a treat or two while visiting us at the various fairs, markets  and businesses where our Homemade Soft Fudge is available  so come visit us or pick up some Fudge while visiting one of the many wonderful local stores that carry our famous brand. Check out where we are sold  and if you have a favorite flavor or two, email or text us the event and date and we will try and make sure we have some there for you.